Akhal Teke




ANATOLII - 1989 Bay Akhal Teke Stallion - by Arslan, out of Kengir (by Angar) - Retired from Eventing
Anatolii is one of our newest Tekes, we are looking forward to adding his bloodlines to our herd.


KIVVIA - 2000 Black Akhal Teke Stallion - by Kuvvalto, out of Sinovia (by Padishah) - Intermediate Eventing
A flasky stallion with a great will to win, tons of endurance and speed.


KUVVALTO - 1991 Buckskin Akhal Teke Stallion - by Karaman, out of Alchak (by Enish) - Retired from Eventing
Champion eventer at many levels, Kuvvalto was our first Akhal Teke stallion in recent years.


MAKARI - 2000 Black Akhal Teke Stallion - by Maksut 2, out of Sajathanum (by Dagestan) - Retired from Eventing
Makari is a flashy black stallion with a very strong desire to win.


OSIRIS BHE - 2002 Buckskin Akhal Teke Stallion - by Alchack of Lycan, out of Hrista BHE (by Dsheren) - Retired Flat Racing, Competes in Eventing
Almost entirely Sim-bred, Osiris had a career on the flat racing track before being retrained for eventing.



DORCAS - 1997 Bay Akhal Teke Mare - by Rokot, out of Dordzheren (by Meleke) - Eventing
Dorcas is our newest Akhal Teke mare, a brithday gift from Tessa of SAI. She will be beginning her eventing career soon.


KEFIRA - 1997 Palomino Akhal Teke Mare - by Polot, out of Kasatka (by Serasker) - Retired from Eventing
A very feminine, gentle mare with a spectacular golden coat.


SINOVIA - 1996 Black Akhal Teke Mare - by Padishah, out of Abrai (by Kelam) - Retired CCI**** Eventer
Our original Teke, Sinovia is an amazing mare who won at the highest level of eventing.

SONIA - 2002 Black Akhal Teke Mare - by Rovshanii, out of Sinovia (by Padishah) - Novice Eventer
The exact replica of her dam, Sonia is a fierce athlete with CCI**** potential.
SVETLANA - 2009 Buckskin Akhal Teke Filly - By Kuvvalto, out of Sinovia (by Padishah) - Prospect
Svetlana is much more delicate filly than her full sister, Sonia. We think Svetlana may excell in dressage, judging by her conformation and carriage.



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